Connect trade data with company intelligence

Datahoot is probably the only site in the world where the global trade data are enriched by company intelligence. Find out here who are buying your products and further more, find out the key contacts, emails and all background information on your target customers.

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Free Trade Data

Collect, streamline and analyze over 100 million pieces of international trade data with us.

Datahoot helps our users to keep update with importing and exporting trends and make business sense of shipping records from over 29 countries in the world.

Our trade data service is ALWAYS free of charge for any signed-up users as we would like everyone engaged in the global trade to be entitled to know what is happening in their industry, no matter of his/her payment capability.

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Company Intelligence

We believe that valid sales leads must be enriched with solid company background investigations. To be able to contact the right person (decision maker) at the right time, you need to prospect your target customer’s organizational structure, their purchasing patterns and of course with accurate email addresses and telephone numbers.

Datahoot make it easy and possible for you to just input a company name or a domain, our CI robot will automatically start a comprehensive and high- efficiency data mining process that present a full customer profile report in few seconds.

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Importing Records

Datahoot tracks everyday over 6 million importers’ trading activities across 29 countries. These shipping records were collected, streamlined and presented in our web in an easy-click way.

Again our database of these shipping records is open free to subscribers.

Exporter and importers can use our data free of charge as an highly informative tool to research markets, evaluate buyers, monitor competitors and find sales prospects.

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Bill of Lading Details

Datahoot gives our users the visibility into the details of every transaction, including importer (consignee) name, importing country, exporter name, import product description and date of transactions. We are aimed to help users feel comfortable working with the data we provide no matter she/he is evaluating suppliers in Thailand or investigate buyers in the US.

Search for any company or product and we’ll show you all matching shipments, giving you deep operational insights into the trading activities.

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Reveal Customer Backgrounds

To find customers, the key is to find the responsible person. Our open-date mining technology will help you instantly build your sales pipeline and generate leads from 6 million importer’s company cards with over 20 millions’ key person name cards.

These cards reveal the size of the companies, address and org charts with person names, titles and emails.

Come and access a wealth of information right on Datahoot. Now a partial profile becomes a complete contact that you can use to initiate conversations and grow your funnel.

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Enhance Customer Knowledge

Want a faster path from prospect to profitable relationship with your target customers? Now you need more comprehensive understanding of your customers on their buying needs, supply chain, and maybe their networking with other relevant companies.

Datahoot uses sophisticated analytics to deliver a sales acceleration solution packed with insight. Our data hoot out the real-time business intelligence, ecosystem connectivity and full picture of supply chain, all in a few seconds on web with the assistant of our own BI robot. It helps shorten sales cycles, build pipeline and generate higher returns on marketing investments.

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